"We’ll make XL Catlin the world’s most admired insurance and reinsurance company."

Through our underwriting and claims excellence, we’ll create solutions to even the most complex risks, now and in the future.

That’s how we’ll free up our clients' potential and, thereby, fulfill our own.

Talent has always been a driving force of the (re)insurance industry. With the pressure to innovate and deliver increasing value, that’s even more true today.

Keeping a company moving in the right direction is often about the right mix of talent and the continual forces of attracting, retaining and developing the best people. When you combine two high-functioning organizations, as we did with XL and Catlin, you introduce an element of uncertainty that can throw any of these forces out of balance. For many companies, this is the biggest obstacle to a successful integration.

We’re enormously proud of how our talent came together in 2015.   

As Mike noted in his letter, a primary goal of our integration process was to keep our workforce together. Not only were we successful, but also that our colleagues maintained their focus across so many areas is a real testament to their dedication and to the degree to which they believe in the vision for XL Catlin.

Of course, the integration also brought new opportunities to combine and refine our programs and lay the groundwork for an XL Catlin culture. A few highlights:

  • Developed and rolled out a new set of values, Our Commitments to each other and to our clients: Make It Better, Collaborate, Be Accountable and Do What’s Right
  • Reorganized and strengthened our leadership teams, both at the top of the Company and in each business segment and function, blending the best of both legacy organizations  
  • Established a new operating structure, tailored for XL Catlin and different from what either company knew before
  • Maintained both the former XL Emerging Leader Program and the former Catlin Development and Apprenticeship programs, which offer colleagues opportunities for leadership growth

As with any integration process, there was also the necessary hard work of managing a global redundancy process, in line with our synergy goals. Again, we’re proud of the way these processes were carried out and that those colleagues who did leave the Company did so with the highest level of respect and benefit we could offer.

There’s a lot we’ve accomplished for our talent – and more to do. And one area in which we are fully committed to doing more is increasing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at XL Catlin.

The reasons for our work in this area are pretty straightforward: Though XL Catlin is ahead of many in our industry, we’re simply not as diverse as the world around us or the clients we seek to serve. This limits our point of view, and our ability to innovate and understand our clients is lessened.

Therefore, increasing Diversity and Inclusion at XL Catlin is both in line with Our Commitments to Do What's Right and to continually Make It Better and a logical and compelling business opportunity.

D&I is a broad topic, and there are many ways in which we can and will attack the opportunity to create a more diverse workforce and make XL Catlin increasingly inclusive. We’ll have much more to share on this in the months ahead, but for now, we can say we have two main goals: real near-term impact for the benefit of our colleagues and longer-term change that will truly differentiate the Company in our market. I look forward to sharing more.


Eileen Whelley
Chief Human Resources Officer


Over the past few years,
XL colleagues have truly transformed a
company we all clearly love. We’ve been
delivering. Time to do more.

it better

Be open to the new. Give our best, all the time. Around the world and down the hall. Bigger ideas, wiser decisions, innovation, better results.


Work with an entrepreneurial spirit. Take initiative, see things through, know it matters.


Build solid partnerships, outside and in. Search for the best answers with and for our clients. Take it seriously. Make it fun.

Do what's

Embrace differences and respect diversity. Build relationships on trust, consideration and integrity.

In 2015, XL Catlin’s talent was recognized in the market. Here are just a few of the rewards and recognitions received:
Business Insurance Woman to Watch – Donna Nadeau, Chief Operations Officer, North America P&C
National Underwriter Excellence in Cyber Security Management Award – Tom Dunbar, Head of Information Risk Management, and team
Aon Risk Solutions Asia Innovator of the Year
Risk & Insurance Risk All Star – David Brooks, Global Head of ERM, Man-Made Perils
Risk & Insurance 2016 Executive to Watch – Joe Tocco, Chief Executive, Americas
Reactions North America Awards, Insurance CEO of the Year – Mike McGavick, Chief Executive Officer
2015 Brazilian Insurance Awards Best Insurer in Brazil
L’Argus de l’Assurance International Woman Award – Rosana Rodrigo, Country Claims Manager, France
Insurance Day London Market Awards, highly commended in Rising Star of the Year category – Matthew Newman, Underwriter
Insurance Day London Market Awards Industry Achiever of the Year – Mike McGavick
Lloyd’s List Insurance Top 10, 2nd place – Lee Meyrick, Chief Underwriting Officer, Global Marine and Offshore Energy
Gracechurch London Insurers Report 2015 #1 Insurer of Choice
Actuarial Post GI Actuary of the Year nomination – Brian Bissett, Chief Data Officer
Insurance Insider Lifetime Achievement Award – Stephen Catlin, Executive Deputy Chairman
Bermuda:Re/Insurance+ILS Bermuda Rising Stars – Shellé Hendrickson, Underwriter; Simon Penney, Underwriting Actuary and Jevon Williams, Associate Legal Counsel