XL Catlin Graduate Program (Graduates)

Registration for the 2018 XL Catlin Program Graduate Program is now open.
Vacancies are available as follows (please click to apply):

London, UK
‐ Graduate Trainee, Property Casualty Insurance and Reinsurance
‐ Graduate Trainee, Actuarial
‐ Graduate Trainee, UK & Ireland Middle Office
‐ Graduate Trainee, Compliance
‐ Graduate Trainee, Finance and Accountancy

Hamilton, Bermuda
‐ Graduate Trainee, Property Casualty Insurance and Reinsurance

New York, US
‐ Graduate Trainee, Property Casualty Insurance and Reinsurance

Hartford, US
‐ Graduate Trainee, Internal Audit
‐ Graduate Trainee, Global Platform

Stamford, US
‐ Graduate Trainee, North America Finance

Summer Internship Program

The application process for the 2018 Summer Internship Program (US and UK) is now open.
To apply, please click here.

Apprenticeship Program

We are not currently accepting applications for the XL Catlin Apprenticeship Program. An update on the applications for the 2019 cohort will be posted on our website early next year.

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