Over the years, our program participants have given us high marks for providing a useful, supportive and fun experience.


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"I work in the Legal Entity Team within Actuarial Financial Reporting. We’re responsible for a wide range of tasks, including detailing the reserves of our many legal entities to different regulators worldwide. Being a global organisation with the biggest syndicate in Lloyd’s, this involves working with a range of data sets and understanding many complex calculations, as well as lots of interaction with people both internally and externally. But no matter what function you’re in, we’re fortunate to work with incredibly talented people day to day and during our rotations, making this an excellent place to start your career."
Chris Beech, Actuary, London, 2016 cohort

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"During the XLCDP orientation, we took a trip to the Lake District. This was a great setting to get to know each other better and receive personalized feedback. My job involves the development and improvement of XL Catlin’s capital model, which aims to aggregate and quantify all the risks that XL Catlin is exposed to. A lot of our work is then communicated to regulators for solvency requirements. I hold responsibility for the model dedicated to investments and market risk, which has given me exposure to working in cross-department projects.”
Rosie Ramsay, Capital Analyst, London, 2013 cohort

Business Operations

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“Daily, I have been heavily involved with the implementation and improvement of the accounts payable function, which we recently centralized into our Shared Service Centre in Poland. I had the opportunity to travel to Poland to complete this project. Through this, I gained exposure to senior stakeholders.
The cross-function rotations are my highlight — I have built relationships and gained an insight into what each team does for XL Catlin.”
David Garbutt, Strategic Projects Analyst (Enterprise Shared Services), London, 2013 cohort

"The one thing I’ve enjoyed the most about the XLCDP has been the rotations across various functions. Besides giving me an organization-wide network, it’s given me a deeper understanding of the insurance business and how each function forms an essential and value adding part of XL Catlin."
Salil Sabir, Business Analyst (IT and Change), London, 2013 cohort


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"The graduate scheme at XL Catlin provides a unique opportunity to combine specialist training with a holistic industry insight. In addition to working with a ‘home’ team, we are able to complete rotations throughout the company. These have been a fantastic opportunity to both build an internal network and develop a better understanding of XL Catlin and the insurance industry as a whole. From day one, graduates are expected to get stuck in and although it has been a steep learning curve, that we have had the chance to take on responsibility from such an early stage has been incredibly fulfilling.”
James Bowler, Claims, London, 2015 cohort

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"The highlight of my time at XL Catlin has been the variety of experiences available. My home team is US Casualty, so I spend most of my time looking at claims under professional indemnity policies for clients in the US. Insurance claims for medical malpractice and other professional negligence often involve complex, lengthy and costly court cases and need careful management. Every day requires communication with various third parties such as brokers and lawyers, as well as with people from within XL Catlin.”
Katy Rashbrook, Associate Claims Handler (US Casualty Claims), London, 2013 cohort


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"I take responsibility for the quarterly loss reserve accounts based on information from our finance colleagues around the globe. My role involves me assisting my team in various reporting exercises, mostly for management reporting but sometimes also for the annual/semi-annual accounts.
The Lake District trip undertaken during orientation was the one thing that stood out for me — it was fun and engaging and very effective for teambuilding.”
Yevgine Green, Group Assistant Management Accountant, London, 2013 cohort


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"The Investment Team is responsible for managing XL Catlin’s assets with the aim of preserving and maximising their value. The majority of investments are in high quality government and corporate bonds and the rest of the portfolio comprises of a broad spectrum of securities, such as public equities, private equities and hedge funds. My team’s role is to find the optimal allocation of assets across various legal entity balance sheets while accounting for regulatory and capital requirements.
During XLCDP, I most enjoyed the development weeks as they really helped me grow both professionally and as a person.”
Barbara Vriens-Bernecka, Graduate Trainee, Zurich, 2014 cohort

Underwriting — Reinsurance

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“The highlight of my time so far at XL Catlin has been the orientation program in London. It allowed me to build a firm base of insurance industry knowledge before I started my day-to-day job, which includes helping my team price accounts. This consists of looking at quantitative and qualitative information about insurance companies to help price their reinsurance. We look at the different modelled outputs and historical loss data to come up with a price we feel is adequate. We then adjust for other qualitative factors that are appropriate and relevant.”
Miles Brewer, Assistant Underwriter, Bermuda, 2013 cohort

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“I work in the Casualty Reinsurance team and from an early stage I have been involved in pricing complex programmes and meeting brokers. We write varying classes of business from professional indemnity to financial crime, to cyber; which makes every day different and engaging.
The thing which stands out the most during my time on the XLCDP is the amount of time my team and others across the business have invested in the grads; making us feel welcome from day one. I look forward to rotating into other areas of the business to broaden my knowledge and to meet more of the people that make XL Catlin a market leader.
The rotations that you go on as part of the XLCDP have been the most useful part of the program so far. This has given me a much broader view of the business and has helped me develop contacts throughout the company.”
Rosie Fitzpatrick, Reinsurance, London, 2016 cohort

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“My job involves aiding underwriters with their projects. I have had the opportunity to rotate within many of the reinsurance divisions across XL Catlin. A personal highlight has been working with actuaries in Atlanta on developing a new pricing model for the Property Facultative departments. Knowing I could make a serious contribution after having rotated into this team was rewarding.”
Jackson Hollowell, US, 2013 cohort

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“The XLCDP started with a three week development programme where graduates from all over the world came together here in London. We learnt not only about the insurance business and our position in the London market but also how to interact with and understand various types of personalities. This was a great preparation before starting with my team in Ceded Re. Ceded Re buys reinsurance coverage for the entire group which involves daily collaboration with several business units in the UK and abroad.”
Jeanne Klass, Ceded Re, London, 2016 cohort

Underwriting — Insurance

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“My experiences in the XL Catlin Development Program have exceeded every expectation. The program not only enhanced my global awareness, but encouraged me to partner that awareness with action. My “home team” in Chicago is Agriculture and Regional Reinsurance Underwriting. While my manager and teammates taught me all about the agricultural industry, they also challenged me to travel beyond the office and learn from the source. By planning an American agricultural seminar for international clients, I had the opportunity to visit and learn from local farms. One moment I was watching a cow milking carousel and the next I was sitting in a combine comparing American and Chinese farming. This seminar was only one week in the two year program and there were many equally amazing experiences to follow including working on a development week project with teammates from Singapore and London, teambuilding in the Lakes District, and rotations in Connecticut and New Jersey. I truly feel that I have mentors and friends in every office in which I have been fortunate enough to rotate.”
Emily Susin, Underwriting Graduate, Chicago, 2015 cohort

Description: User Photo“I feel very fortunate to work for the largest syndicate in Lloyd’s. XL Catlin has definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of development opportunities, culture of openness, work support and disciplined underwriting principles. The orientation program involved workshops that consisted of technical, personal, teambuilding and interactive elements in order to gain a better understanding of the products, functions, culture and commercial marketplace of XL Catlin.”
Wei Feng Xiao, Graduate Trainee, Singapore, 2014 cohort


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“The XLCDP has given me a brilliant insight into the insurance industry and an appreciation of the individual roles that help make XL Catlin a market leader. From day one you are immersed into the XL Catlin culture and learn first-hand the importance of delivering on your promise.
As a member of the Marketing team, my role is to help manage both the internal and external perception of XL Catlin. From organising external events, to one-to-one meetings, you are taught how to support the business to achieve positive recognition and growth.”
Samuel Folkes, Marketing, London, 2016 cohort

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