Over the years, our program participants have given us  high marks for providing a useful, supportive and fun experience.

Business Operations

Description: User Photo“I was given a project of creating a design for a future IT security service, triggered by recent global cyber-attacks such as Heartbleed. It has been an interesting and demanding project which I have loved throwing myself into. I was given a lot of responsibility and a chance to earn the respect of more senior employees through delivering on my project. As time went by, I was given more responsibility by contributing to and assisting with other projects. This was a great exercise in learning how to juggle priorities without impacting other project managers’ deadlines.”
Bobbie Mansfield, London, 2014 cohort

Description: User Photo“My team were very supportive throughout and were always happy to help with any queries or problems I had, and the flat hierarchical structure fostered the ability to freely approach and engage with senior employees. I have been able to develop all kinds of skills such as organization and planning (I was expected to manage my time effectively, dividing it between my own project, a group project with some of the other interns and work assigned to me by my team), interpersonal skills (networking drinks, numerous meetings and day-to-day work) and adaptability (through working with a range of different people from different parts of the business).
I have been able to gain a thorough insight into life here at XL Catlin; the summer internship is a wholly immersive experience. I felt as if XL Catlin really invested in us, and I think the internship is a fantastic opportunity to prove one’s suitability for the XL Catlin Development Program.”
Miriam Reason, London, 2014 cohort


Description: User Photo“The claims internship gave me an insight into how claims are managed in a commercial environment and highlighted the importance of good claims management to the wider business. The programme was well structured with clear objectives so both my managers and I knew what the expected outcomes of the internship were, from day one. During my time I learnt how to navigate the electronic systems that the claims service utilises, study cases and track their progress, set up new cases from scratch and attempt to set reserves for ongoing claims. These tailored objectives gave me a chance to get to grips with technical elements of claims handling.”
George Paul, London, 2015 cohort

Description: User Photo“Upon joining my team, I immediately felt included; this is largely thanks to the welcoming nature of everyone in the team, and thanks to my line manager and “buddy,” who helped introduce me to everyone. At the beginning of the eight weeks my line manager helped me to set my objectives. Although it is a formal internship with a set structure, this provides you with the opportunity to say what you want to achieve from the internship and tailor it to your needs.
Throughout, my line manager has provided me with well thought-through projects and tasks; although challenging at times, I was constantly learning. Towards the end of my time at XL Catlin, I was able to produce work which was of tangible use to the team, which was thoroughly satisfying.”
Helena Mortimer, London, 2013 cohort


Description: User Photo"Once placed within my team I was given responsibility to carry out some processes which formed the basis of the work for the whole team to complete, such as syndicate business forecasts, producing written patterns and undertaking ad-hoc projects for other departments. Despite joining the team in a relatively quiet period, I found I always had work to be getting on with and really enjoyed that I was able to contribute to larger team projects.”
Joanna Thornton, London, 2013 cohort

Description: User Photo"I really enjoyed working at XL Catlin this summer. I worked in the Finance department and gained a vast amount of technical knowledge through hands-on work. I was given ownership of various tasks and a great deal of independence, which made me feel valued and trusted. The accountancy work was particularly interesting, as insurance has many unique processes due to the nature of the business.
There was a genuinely positive culture within the company despite being in the midst of an integration process from two companies to one. There was a strong balance between working to a level of excellence and also enjoying oneself.”
Peter Keetley, London, 2015 cohort
Underwriting — Insurance

Description: User Photo"The program did not consist of shadowing — my team assigned me with real-life tasks, giving me a good idea of the daily routine of an underwriter. I also had the opportunity to attend meetings and, most importantly, come to Lloyd's to sit at the box with my team on a daily basis.
One of the most valuable experiences of the programme was my final project presentation which was compulsory and, for me, the first time presenting to a group of professionals in a corporate environment. I do believe the presentation and feedback I was provided with was invaluable for my future career development.”
Rozalie Ryclova, London, 2015 cohort

Description: User Photo"I started to research more about insurance, and what struck me most was that it has a constant relevance to the world. I found it fascinating that a storm in Florida, an earthquake in China or a ship being hijacked by pirates would all impact upon insurers. As such, these are all things that underwriters need to think about when they are assuming risk, and I wanted to be involved in these decisions.
I needed to focus on which insurer I wanted to be a part of; there were a number of companies on my radar. At least until I was invited to the assessment center. Everyone I met was very friendly and helped me feel relaxed. I knew almost immediately that it was the right place for me. It just felt right.
I have had a brilliant time on my internship. Would I want to come back as a graduate on the XL Catlin Development Program? Without doubt!”
Julian Longbottom, London, 2014 cohort

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