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XL Group Ltd Fact Sheet

XL Group Ltd is the parent company of our commercial insurance and reinsurance businesses.



Founded (as EXEL Limited)



Registered Office


XL Group Ltd

O'Hara House

 P.O. Box HM 2245

 One Bermudiana Road

 Hamilton, HM 08


Investor Relations


 XL Group Ltd

100 Washington Blvd

6th Floor

Stamford, CT 06902





More than 7,000 




More than 100




Approximately 30


Chief Executive Officer


Michael S. McGavick

XL Group Ltd holds financial strength ratings from A.M. Best, and a number of our companies are rated by Standard & Poor's and Moody's. XL Group's ability to underwrite business depends largely on the quality of its claims-paying and financial strength ratings as evaluated by independent agencies.

View ratings information on individual business units, or visit the following ratings agency websites:

A.M. Best Company 

Fitch IBCA

Moody's Investor Service 

Standard & Poor's Market






Primary Market






S&P 500


Fiscal Year-End


December 31 

Net Premiums Earned



FY 2016: $9.8 billion


FY 2015: $8.2 billion

Total Assets



FY 2016: $58.4 billion

FY 2015: $58.7 billion

Consolidated Shareholders’ Equity



FY 2016: $13.0 billion


FY 2015: $13.7 billion

Total Shareholders’ Equity


FY 2016: $13.0 billion


FY 2015: $13.7 billion

Total Revenues



FY 2016: $10.5 billion


FY 2015: $9.3 billion

Net Income Attributable to Ordinary Shareholders           



FY 2016: $441.0 million


FY 2015:$1.2 billion

For more information

Carol Parker Trott

Tel:      +1 441 294 7290

Mob:    +1 441 524 7290

Fax:     +1 441 295 4104


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