The primary role of the investment group is to manage XL Group’s investment portfolio. Our principal goal is to support XL Group’s core underwriting capabilities by generating attractive risk-adjusted returns and contributing positive results that help drive book value growth at XL Group.

Our investment portfolio consists of fixed income, equity, hedge funds, private investments, derivatives and other investments and cash. These securities and investments are denominated in both US dollar and foreign currencies.

Fixed Income
– Sovereign Government and Related
– Municipal, Provincial and Supranational
– Investment Grade Corporate Credit
– High Yield Corporate Credit
– Mortgage-Backed and Other Structured Credit

Non-fixed Income
– Hedge Funds
– Public Equity
– Private Investments
– Investment Manager Business

The investment strategy for the P&C portfolio is based on an annual strategic asset allocation (SAA) process that establishes a benchmark to maximize enterprise value in line with business constraints, the Leadership Team’s risk tolerance and the approval of the Board of Directors Risk and Finance Committee. The strategy for the Life portfolio is based on the SAA process and the portfolio’s regulatory capital model.

The investment group uses investment management service providers—selected using various criteria, including investment style, track record, performance, risk management capabilities, internal controls, operational risk and diversification implications—for the day-to-day management of the investment portfolio. Large, well-established institutional investment management service providers manage most of the investment portfolio. The investment group is responsible for the implementation of the investment strategy and monitors the service providers according to detailed investment guidelines.

XL Group Ltd's investment management subsidiaries—including XL Group Investments Ltd, and XL Group Investments LLC—only provide investment advisory services to entities related to XL Group Ltd. Neither XL Group Ltd nor any of its subsidiaries—including XL Group Investments Ltd, and XL Group Investments LLC—performs investment advisory services for third parties unrelated to XL Group Ltd.

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