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Celebrating 10 years of helping SoundWaters restore and protect Long Island Sound

SoundWaters was created to protect Long Island Sound, a coastal area located between New York and Connecticut, which is home to hundreds of species of wildlife. The organization provides science programs for students of all ages, enabling youth to learn more about the natural environment — and their impact on that environment — through hands-on activities and experiences delivered on the water itself.

Joanna Rowan says that SoundWaters was one of several non-profits in the Stamford, Connecticut area that were identified by Global Day of Giving organizers for the first annual event. She was the first person to sign up and was invited to be the Project Leader. She has led the team every year since. In 2010, she was asked to join the SoundWaters Board of Directors and has served on the Board since January 2011.

According to Joanna, “The work we do on the Global Day of Giving is mostly physical. Our volunteers come from XL Catlin’s legal, actuarial, claims and financial operations. Most of us enjoy getting outdoors and getting our hands dirty. Another huge benefit of this experience is that, by helping this organization, we also reach children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about Long Island Sound.”

This year’s project will probably be similar to those in the past, although the volunteer team is thinking about making this 10th anniversary special — perhaps by building a permanent structure for outdoor education events. And, this is also the 25th anniversary of SoundWaters. Joanna says of the experience at SoundWaters, “The Global Day of Giving brought me to SoundWaters, and it is now a permanent part of my life. The whole experience has recharged my commitment to volunteerism.”

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