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Creating care packages puts things into perspective

Over 305,000 Massachusetts children are living in poverty – lacking clothes that fit, books to read and other basic items for learning and well-being. Cradles to Crayons (C2C) is a nonprofit that provides children from birth to age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations, with some of the basic items they need to thrive at home, school and play.

Chanelle Desir, Boston’s Project Leader for Global Day of Giving got involved with Cradles to Crayons when another colleague who had assisted at C2C suggested it would be a good place to volunteer. Colleagues created customized care packages containing clothing, footwear, toys, books and other essential items for children in need in the Boston area. According to Chanelle, “the organization created an effective streamlined process with different work stations, beginning with sorting the donated items to finishing with care packages customized for each child. We split up into groups and assisted with each of the different stations.”

Chanelle comments that the experience of being a Project Leader was an enjoyable one: “I liked coordinating with C2C and being a liaison between office and nonprofit. I tapped into my leadership skills and improved my communication and time management skills. I’m also passionate about helping children succeed, and I know our time at Cradles to Crayons helped several people in our community.”

The experience was also a humbling one for the volunteers. “Creating care packages really put things into perspective: So many children in our local community lack basic necessities. But through our participation colleagues now know where to donate items and have a better idea of what children need, so hopefully we can continue to make a difference.”

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