Developing educational foundations for deprived children in Delhi

Kinship for Humanitarian Social and Holistic Intervention (Khushii) was founded in 2002 with the aim of aiding poor and destitute communities in both rural and urban areas across India.

The relationship with Khushii first came about in 2009 when Project Leader Sameer Virmani was exploring projects and NGOs to work with as part of the company’s wider commitment to social responsibility.

Since then, a team of volunteers from the India offices have worked at Khushii’s remedial education center in Delhi every year for XL Catlin’s Global Day of Giving. Besides providing education to children in poverty, the center, named Shikshaantra, also offers basic facilities such as rooms, toilets, books and meals.

“We really liked the idea of remedial education and the fact that these children, who had a high drop-out rate in regular government schools, take education seriously here in Shikshaantra,” says Sameer.

The volunteer team spends time with the children on a wide range of activities including painting, drama, science projects and career counselling. Up to 80 colleagues participate on the Global Day of Giving project, working with 120-150 children.

“The sense of satisfaction and pride you get seeing their talent and knowledge is just sheer pleasure,” says Sameer. “And the volunteers gain so much from the Global Day of Giving project too. One of the many things we have learned from the children is the importance of zeal, focus and to never stop asking questions!”

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