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Different XL generations work to beautify Seleger Moor

Park Seleger Moor, near Rifferswil, was founded in 1953. It is the biggest rhododendron and azalea park in Switzerland, with over 200 different species on show. Complementing this variety is an abundance of ferns and water lilies that grow alongside the many creeks and little streams that flow through the park.

Solange Collet, Global Day of Giving Project Leader, says that the Seleger Moor came to her attention through the contact of an XL Catlin colleague: “As all colleagues in Switzerland volunteered to work at the Seleger Moor, we needed a project that would provide work for over 100 colleagues.”

Initially, two HR colleagues were involved in the planning of this project. Solange took over from her predecessor in 2013. “I’ve been able to establish a very good relationship with the management and staff of Seleger Moor,” says Solange. “We’ve helped keep it accessible and beautiful as well as healthy by pulling a lot of weeds. This saves the regular volunteers hundreds of hours that they can invest in other projects instead.” In addition, some of the volunteer team helped to dig a drainage canal. As a result of this major effort, XL Catlin now has its very own Global Day of Giving Creek at Seleger Moor.

While weather has a big impact on the happiness of volunteers, most enjoy working outside the office and in a beautiful landscape for one day. XL Catlin’s retiree club also participates in the Global Day of Giving. “It’s really nice to see different XL Catlin generations work together for a good cause. Besides being a huge motivator, it's also something for everyone to look forward to every year.”

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