Youth Development

Fixing up the YMCA Yarramundi Camp

Sydney’s participation in the Global Day of Giving involves working with the YMCA, at its Yarramundi Camp, designed for outdoor activities for disadvantaged children and their families. The camp is situated over 20 acres, at the foot of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. It’s a place where families can come together outside of work and home life to build stronger bonds, and achieve a greater work-life balance.

Thirty volunteers from XL Catlin worked on the 2014 project, which involved: the clearing of lantana (a local weed) to allow for repairs and painting on a boardwalk at the center; the painting of nine picnic tables; landscaping an area of the facility; and assistance with administration work.

“We always want to leave making sure the site is far better off for our participation,” says Project Leader Steve Williamson. “Last year we completed many physical tasks, contributing many man-hours of work, which the site would never have managed by themselves with the resources they had.”

Steve says that prior to the most recent Global Day of Giving project he employed his survey skills by assessing the site to see what tasks could be done by the volunteer team. He was conscious that sometimes charities do not feel comfortable asking a corporation to do certain things, and so wanted to ensure the Global Day of Giving project met as many of the YMCA’s needs as possible.

The project was a success for both the volunteers and the charity: “People came away feeling proud and satisfied that their work had a direct benefit to the site and added value,” says Steve. “And the YMCA staff commented on how much we’d helped them and the camp.”

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