Dublin art competetion 2014

Preserve and Protect: Challenge & Innovate

Gabhann Dunne

Gabhann Dunne was born in Dublin, where he still lives and works. He earned an MFA from the National College of Art and Design in 2011 and a BA in Fine Arts from Dublin Institute of Technology in 1997. Dunne’s work deals with the space within which rational language has failed and meaning is found in emotional contemplation, what Philip Guston called “the third hand” or as it is referred to in positive psychology as “autolectic flow”. When talking about his approach to imagery, Dunne often references literature, social commentators and ecologists such as John Gray, Mark Rowlands and Emma Marris. While the subject of the work may seem somewhat dark and nihilistic, there is humour here, compassion, apology and a desire to protect. He is represented by the Rubicon Projects/Rubicon Gallery.

Website: www.gabhanndunne.ie/ 

Click on above image to view full size art.

Title (Work 1): The Wolfs Wood (2011)
Media (Work 1): Oil on Canvas

Click on above image to view full size art.

Title (Work 2): The Lonely Ghost of Matsubara II, 2013
Media (Work 2): Oil on Board

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