Social Services

Improving living conditions for Chester County residents

Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Good Works is a nonprofit organization that helps improve the living conditions of low-income families and individuals whose homes have been damaged or fallen into severe disrepair.

XL Catlin’s relationship with Good Works began through a colleague whose local church had a connection to the organization. Each year the Global Day of Giving volunteers work on a different property. According to Project Leader Ginny Lloyd, “Activities are varied but very hands on. I’ve helped with fitting windows, putting in aluminum siding, demolition, and even installing a toilet!”

One previous project involved working with a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic. The client lived in a trailer and, due to her disability, was unable to go outside of her own home. “The volunteer team spent the day constructing a new accessible porch. At the end of the day, the client was thrilled to feel the sun on her face for the first time, as a result of her newly-modified home.”

On another project Ginny’s team planted flowers for a client in a low-income housing project. “She was so proud of her new garden that she bought a $2 watering can – despite having little finances available – in order to take care of her flowers every day.”

The projects have become so popular that two teams from the XL Catlin Exton office now work with Good Works during the Global Day of Giving. Further, many volunteers have enjoyed their experience so much that they have continued to volunteer with Good Works outside of the Global Day of Giving.

The value in team building that the Global Day of Giving promotes is immeasurable. Ginny’s job involves managing a team of people so she particularly appreciates the opportunity to get to know her team on a completely different level outside the workplace. “One of the benefits of the Global Day of Giving is the opportunity to work side by side with an actuary or underwriter or another colleague in a different line of business,” says Ginny. “When we see our colleagues again in a business meeting, a relationship is already in place, making it a lot easier for us to work together.”

The value of the Global Day of Giving is also demonstrated when it comes to recruitment. Ginny says she often talks about the Global Day of Giving in interviews with prospective employees. The appeal of working for a socially responsible company is evident in their reactions. At least two candidates said that the conversation about the Global Day of Giving sealed the deal for them.

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