Environment and Animals

Improving the livelihood of abused horses

STINAH is a non-profit organization for abandoned livestock, mainly horses, but also cows, chickens, sheep and pigs. Most of the horses have some kind of disability, mental or physical, and therefore need extra care and attention. The charity’s goal is to improve the situation of the animals and protect them against abuse and exploitation. It has around 60 rescued horses at its own barn and many more all over Switzerland.

A team of 25 colleagues from XL Catlin have spent the past two Global Day of Giving events there, and there are plans to continue this work in 2015. The team works on special projects that the owners don’t have time to take care of, such as pulling weeds, building small brick walls for amphibians, and cleaning out barns to create more space for the horses.

“As well as daily chores the volunteers also give the horses tons of cuddles – which most of them seem to enjoy very much,” says Project Leader Fabienne Grasset, who organised the link with STINAH. “We have also learnt a great deal about animal welfare and other aspects of animal protection,” she adds. “Besides giving us a lot of new information, the owners always share very interesting but also shocking stories about some of the animals there.”

“As a big horse lover I had known about the charity for quite a few years and wanted to do something for the Global Day of Giving that I truly believe in and thought others would find meaningful as well,” Fabienne comments. “STINAH is always thankful for a helping hand.”

Many of the volunteers on the project were impressed by the two founders of the organisation, both of them lawyers with full-time jobs, but who find the time to care for the horses on a daily basis.

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