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Keeping the lights on at CAST Children’s Theater

Volunteers from the XL Catlin Hartford office participate in the basic maintenance and upkeep of the CAST Children’s Theater as part of the Global Day of Giving. Rick Skodinski and John Mulvaney, the Project Leaders, got involved in the CAST Theater because a former colleague was directly involved with the theater.

CAST is a nonprofit theater organization run by volunteers. All funds raised are used to maintain the program. The organization’s mission is to preserve the arts in the greater Manchester area of Connecticut and beyond. The organization has grown from a children’s theater group doing summer musicals to a full scale theater group that offers year-round productions and classes for children.

The team that participates in the Global Day of Giving has grown from 12 volunteers to well over 20. The volunteers still complete basic maintenance as part of their projects, but have also expanded into larger projects such as the creation of an outdoor mural, construction of a storage shed and the design, building and installation of custom book cases. According to Rick, “We have continued to expand the size of the team each year, getting more volunteers involved as well as new projects for next year’s Global Day of Giving that keep us coming back!”

Having the same crew return year after year demonstrates the special relationship the volunteers have with the people of CAST. “The satisfaction of helping our local children makes the contributions that much more special,” says John.

Both Rick and John say that they have learned how to manage resources and small projects more efficiently. They also say they learned that real accomplishment cannot be achieved by just a few individuals, but only by a good team. This year, Rick and John and their team of volunteers hope to return and repair the front porch and entrance to the theater.

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