Leading by example: helping children “honor their greatness”

Victor Scott Primary School in Bermuda caters to children ages 4-11 and has an ongoing focus on helping pupils “honor their greatness”. Project Leader Jevon Williams attended Victor Scott School as a child. He wanted to find a way to give back to the community that so vitally shaped his life. “By taking the time to show a child that you care about their future speaks volumes. I wanted to explore how colleagues could become active agents in helping students grow into their dreams.

In collaboration with the school teaching staff, Jevon and his colleagues created a Global Day of Giving project, focused on dreaming big and aiming high! The volunteers worked with approximately 60 children, ages 9-11 over the course of the day. After kicking off with some icebreaker games, the children worked in small groups to explore jobs they’d like to do when they become adults, through both words and pictures. They then created basic timelines to help the children connect where they want to be with where they are now, and identify what they need to do to make their dreams a reality.

Colleagues volunteering on the Global Day of Giving project with Victor Scott School found they had the ability to empower the students. Many received a great deal of satisfaction from being a part of something so vitally important to the community. “We learned the importance of being patient and attained a deeper level of tenacity than we thought we would ever see!” says Jevon.

The volunteers enjoyed the experience so much that a further project was developed, with colleagues working with children over several months on a business themed program. And Jevon is currently working with another group of his colleagues to raise funds to purchase books for the school library. He is looking forward to working on more projects that uplift children in some way. That’s where his passion truly lies.

“I want to be an example to the students,” says Jevon. “To say to them, you can achieve anything if you are bold enough to dream.”

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