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Making a difference in the Cake Laboratory

XL Catlin’s Milan office spent the Global Day of Giving at Villa Paradiso, a rehabilitation community for people suffering from drug addiction. The center tries to help its patients on the road to recovery, with professional psychotherapists also assisting in the rehabilitation process.

The volunteer team spent the day in Villa Paradiso, helping the center in its daily activities - one of which was the preparation of cakes in their ‘Cake Laboratory’!

“Thanks to the psychotherapists involved we had the opportunity to better understand the people there and their problems, so we were able to learn more about something very far from our lives, but, at the same time, so close,” remarks Project Leader Francesca Giurato, who organized the day. “It was an interesting experience - all of our colleagues involved were very happy to participate because on the one hand we were able to help, and on the other we received something that contributed to our own personal growth.”

Outside of the Global Day of Giving, XL Catlin has continued its association with Villa Paradiso, organizing an offsite team meeting for managers at the center, as well as participating in some of the charity’s events, on both a corporate and individual level.

Francesca believes that the Global Day of Giving is one example of how XL Catlin aims to be a good corporate citizen. “Corporate citizenship means thinking about people who are less lucky than us inside and outside of our organization,” Francesca adds. “In Italy charity work is not so common for companies, so we should be proud of having this opportunity.”

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