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Protecting the countryside and local wildlife in Northern Chester County

Green Valleys Association has been working to protect waterways and local wildlife in Northern Chester County, Pennsylvania for more than 50 years. XL Catlin has had a relationship with Green Valleys for more than 20 years. During this time, XL Catlin adopted a 5-mile stretch of Pickering Creek, working to clean it up, maintain it and protect natural beauty and the wildlife that lives in and around the water.

Pickering Creek is a stretch of waterway that had essentially been used as a dumping ground for building materials, broken electrical appliances, domestic fittings, car parts and general household trash. The purpose of the Global Day of Giving project is to clean up and properly dispose of the litter restoring both an attractive recreational space for the community and a clean habitat for local wildlife.

When the initial 15–strong volunteer team first started working on the stream, Project Leader Greg Leinweber said the task seemed almost impossible, even for a team twice the size. “After the initial clearing was done – using some serious machinery and just as much muscle – the task gradually became more manageable.”

Today, Greg says the focus is more on maintaining the work that has been done. The litter still gathers in and along the creek banks and nearby roads, but the clean-up operation can be managed by a smaller team. “With a mix of die-hards and enthusiastic newbies, we still manage to fill as many as 25 trash bags in the space of just one Global Day of Giving,” says Greg.

Now, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Global Day of Giving volunteer team, the Creek is healthier, wildlife is thriving and the community has a welcoming recreational space.

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