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Providing educational support to migrant workers

XL Catlin’s Jie Yan had been a regular supporter of Tong Xin Hu hui, a charity which helps migrant workers in Beijing through donations such as clothes and home electronics, made available at eight locations throughout the city. When Jie took over leadership of the Global Day of Giving project in Beijing, she considered developing her relationship with the organization into a team effort.

“Our Global Day of Giving projects in Beijing mainly focus on supporting the well-being of workers and their families from rural areas, who come from other provinces in China in search of jobs and better living,” says Jie. “However, with local regulations, they face many problems such as lack of monetary support, poor health care and educational disadvantages.”

Given XL Catlin’s expertise in the area of natural catastrophe risk management, the volunteer team has been able to help via the Global Day of Giving in a slightly more unusual way, by giving presentations on natural disasters to the children of migrant workers, in partnership with Tong Xin Hu hui. The team has also previously helped out with a range of administration tasks at the charity’s headquarters, as well as assisting Tong Xin Hu hui’s school and library in sorting and categorizing donated books.

Through the annual Global Day of Giving the team has provided genuine assistance to Tong Xin Hu hui. And the experiences have been rewarding for the volunteers too, says Jie:

“The most important thing that I and the team achieved, through the years of supporting this organization and its workers, is not only the sense of pride in helping disadvantaged workers, but more importantly, we started seeing their lives get better – more books for children to read, more benefits for the workers, and more smiles on their faces.

Jie plans to continue supporting the charity with a new project this year. “We will be working with the organization’s pre-school and kindergarten kids on an arts and crafts project. We will provide the art materials, and some extra for the school to use in the future, and hope to bring out the little artist in each child.”

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