Diversity & Inclusion

Winner 2017

At XL Catlin, we always look at risk in new ways. It’s the reason why our clients choose us as their partner. It’s why we hire the industry’s best and brightest — professionals who are curious, build on new ideas and offer creative solutions. It’s also one of the reasons why we’re so committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I). As our colleagues continue to more closely reflect the diversity of the world around us, we know we’ll have a competitive advantage — different viewpoints, fresh perspectives and exceptional performance.

Our D&I Vision
The more diverse and inclusive we are, the more innovative we’ll be. It’s about doing what’s right and making us better — for our colleagues, our clients and our communities.

Commitment from the Top
“We know that superior insight only comes from harnessing different ways of thinking and diverse experiences. We need to take advantage of the rich experiences out there and challenge ourselves to create a more diverse workforce and a more inclusive and welcoming environment at XL Catlin."
— Mike McGavick, CEO

What We’re Doing
We aspire to create a more open and collaborative workplace for our teams. We’re doing this in three ways:

  • Workforce: recruiting and retaining high performing, high potential and innovative colleagues      with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Workplace: fostering an environment where we embrace differences and take advantage of      diversity to better serve our clients and help them move the world forward.
  • Marketplace: building partnerships with diverse customers and suppliers so we can continue to      be one of the world’s leading (re)insurers.

Our Key Initiatives

  • Governance: Our Global Advisory Board, comprised of senior leaders, provides high-level      guidance for the implementation of XL Catlin’s D&I strategy and initiatives.
    • UK Gender Pay Gap Reporting Effective April 2017, the UK government has passed      legislation requiring companies to report on certain key statistics relating to gender pay.      Employers with 250 or more employees must publish and report specific figures about their      gender pay gap. You can read XL Catlin’s report here.
  • Learning and Development: Our Women’s Leadership Experience is an 18-month program      that focuses on three areas critical to success: business acumen, career management and      personal impact. Participants engage in networking activities, personal brand workshops, coaching      and communication seminars. Our Inclusive Leaders Program assists leaders in examining      personal biases and behaviors. Participants identify actions to positively impact their team and      create a culture in which every colleague is encouraged to speak up and be heard and each      opinion is valued and considered.
  • Engagement: Our Women of the World Colleague Resource Group helps women at XL Catlin      broaden their business networks, knowledge and acumen through a wide range of interactive      developmental and networking opportunities.
  • Benefits: Our flexible work arrangements and family-friendly leave benefits are designed to      empower our colleagues to find increased work-life balance and to overcome barriers that might      obstruct their careers.
  • Recruitment: We encourage all hiring managers to think inclusively about the recruitment      process to make sure we attract the best and the brightest, not just the most familiar. We require      all hiring managers to interview a diverse candidate slate before making a hiring decision, to      broaden our pool of potential talent and challenge our assumptions.

External Partner Highlights
Partnering closely with industry organizations representing diverse communities and key industry events gives XL Catlin a voice in the D&I discussion and the chance to exchange ideas with our peers about how to bring about positive change in our industry. Our company has a strong focus on gender diversity and some of our top internal initiatives and external partnerships reflect that commitment.

  • XL Catlin was the platinum sponsor of the 2016 Lloyd’s Dive In Festival and several of our      colleagues served as panel members, moderators and keynote speakers. The festival, with more      than 50 events over a three-day period, took place in 16 cities in Australia, Bermuda, Canada,      China, France, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and the US. The events featured renowned      thought leaders from around the world.
  • XL Catlin is very active with the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation. Our company      sponsored their 2016 Women in Insurance Conference Series, during which several of our top      executives spoke at local conferences throughout the US. We’ve also sponsored IICF’s Women in      Insurance Global Conference since its inception.
  • Our company regularly supports the diversity-related efforts of Business Insurance — the      industry’s preeminent trade publication — including their 2016 Diversity + Inclusion Institute      Conference and Women to Watch.

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